Schola Unofficial court report 2018

On the 10th day of March, AS 52, the court of Prefect Titus Aurelius Magnus and Baroness Sorcha of Stonegrave opened their court. They thanked everybody for attending the Schola event and marveled at the wonderful entrants for the champion competitions and the great teachers of the classes held.


Their excellencies invited up all newcomers, gave them duck soaps and said they hoped to see them again at future events.


Rauð was called before their excellencies for the bardic competition he ran. Lady Keira and Astrid the Shy were called up as runner-ups and each given a coin from the Prefect in appreciation of their performances. Lady Hermina de Pagan was announced as the winner, and along with the Bardic book of An Dubhaigeainn, she was awarded a quill and Ink from the previous champion, and he was awarded a duck token as all outgoing champions are bestowed.


Before the bards were dismissed, this was the perfect opportunity to sing a birthday dirge to both Lady Nadia Hart and Tiberius Trebellius Severus, both celebrating their birthdays the following day.


As Hermina joined the other champions, and the other three took their seats, Lady Nadia stayed before Their Excellencies to speak of the A&S competition that was ran. Padraig and Laird Eanraig were invited up and given token of thanks by Baroness Sorcha for their outstanding entries. But it was Lady Medb ingen Donnchada who won. She was given the champions medallion along with a gift of calligraphy ink and brushes. Because she clearly needs yet another craft to take up. Lady Nadia was given a thank you duck token.


Their excellencies then got their exercise running around awarding Bronze Ducks to the following gentles: Jean Xavier Boullier (4 of them!), Ronan Fitz Robert (2), Onora Inghean Ui’Rauirc, Nelson Sanchez, Slaine baen Ronain, Fiona the Volatile, Keira of House Three Skulls, Logan of House Three Skulls, Ealusaid ingehean Ui Phaidin (2), Genvieve Velleman, Akos Zekel, Eanraig the Bonesetter, Syd (2), Oda Lally, Muiredach Ua Dálaig, Arnhbiorg Nialsdottir, Duggmore Dunmore, and Katelyn.


Lady Elusaid was welcomed before their excellencies. She wished to thank everybody who helped at the Dickens Festival, especially Katelyn.


Their excellencies closed out their court talking about the events that were coming up in our Barony and surrounding areas. Especially on April 21st, Prefect Titus would be going to Balfar’s challenge while Baroness Sorcha would be going to Lions Awaken. They encouraged everybody to attend one of those and looked forward to seeing everybody at the many events being held in the next few months.


Reported by Lady Violet Hughes, with Lady Slaine baen Ronain assisting.

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