This information was assembled by the staff of the EK 50 Year event next weekend to assist attendees with their planning.

How is water available and disposed of?
Water is not *in* the camping areas. There are spigots near the equestrian area, the A&S tents and Town Center. Consider bringing large water containers and a way to bring them back to camp. Water should be disposed of at grey water barrels located throughout the camp.

Are there showers on site?
There are two sets of coin-operated showers on the site. One is near the fighting fields, and the other is near the horse arena. They take quarters only, 5 minutes per quarter. Info Point can make change, if needed. An 8-stall rented shower trailer will also be on site, by RV Camping.

What is the earliest I should plan to arrive at Gate?
Land agents, 9:00 a.m. on Thursday.
Non-land agents, 11:00 a.m. on Thursday.

What do I need to check-in at Gate?
Your entry fee, an ID, and proof of membership (if applicable). If you are bringing a minor who is not yours, you will need a notarized waiver. For a complete list of required paperwork to bring a minor who is not yours, check the website here –

Can we purchase ice on site?
No ice will be sold on site. There is a Shop & Save (a Hannaford affiliate); a Rite Aid; a Stewart’s all in a cluster, less than half a mile from the site.

What is that loud horn at noon?
It is the volunteer fire horn. It will go off every day. Please be prepared for it.

I’m thinking about bringing my fire pit. Is there any place we will be able to get wood locally?
There are several Stewart’s Shops around the site that sell firewood.

Are there food vendors at the site?
On site options:
Kate’s Kafe
Off-site options:
The shopping plaza across the street from the site has a supermarket and a Subway.
Half a mile down the road is a Stewart’s and Schag A Val, a pizza place/diner.
Within a couple of miles, there are a few sit-down places: Sammy Cohen’s is a family restaurant; Prospector’s, a bar and grill; Chrissy’s Cravings, a grill and ice cream stand.
The town of Stillwater is about 6 miles northwest of the site, and has a couple of pizza places.
The town of Mechanicville is about 8 miles west of the site, and has a some family restaurants.
Troy is 15 miles south on Route 40, and has many, many dining options.

Are pets allowed? No.

What about service animals:
Service animals will need a valid rabies vaccination proof and there will be a registration for for owners to fill out. Please have a phone number of someone on site you trust as a second in in case of emergency.

Can I charge my medical device?
There are charging spots available for medical devices. Please come to disability point to sign up for a slot and get a tag for your device.