Announcing the Baronial YouTube Channel

Greetings, my fellow ducks! As some of you already know, we have created a Baronial YouTube channel. We would like this channel to be both a place for newcomers to learn about our Barony and the SCA, and a place for our fellow ducks to go to find videos on various SCA related subjects that were made by our friends and family in our Barony.

As such, this is a call to arms! Let us know what content you’d either like to create, or have already created. All content should be family friendly. This content could be on virtually any SCA related subject. Martial activities and training, arts and sciences, introduction to service, heraldry, choosing a tent, how to autocrat, etc.

We are also looking to make a “Welcome to Our Barony” video, which would be an assorment of clips from either events, demos, local courts, workshops, martial practices, etc. If you have videos like that, please let us know.

With regard to video submission, please be sure that release forms have been submitted for ALL those depicted in the video.
The release form can be found here:–SKjDhpnh-8FWpEDPgWtTOQ7kVkzTQ/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3gvZKcHvcFzHg3aYwu2vh1sJE2lT_vtzIJFhVPxLxYhrs6a8kQDWMLXTU

If any of you have interest in creating content for the YouTube account, please contact me (, and CC the Webminister ( and the coronet (

I can’t wait to see this page full of fantastic content made by our incredible barony!

Fearghus Mac Cailin
Seneschal of An Dubhaigeainn

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