Baronial Officers

Greater Officers


Dame Hugoline the Delicate (she/her)


The Honorable Lady Fiona the Volatile (she/her)

Seneschal (President) 

Baroness Suzanne Neuber de Londres (she/her)

Deputy Seneschal

Lady Andrea Noelle Bathory(E) (she/her)

Isabel The Vulgar (she/her)

Herald (Pursuivant) 

Demetrio Antelini da Lucca (he/him)

Deputy Herald

Lady Violet Hughes (she/her)(E)

Knight Marshal (Supervisor of Combat Activities) 

Sir Brick James Beech (he/him)

Deputy Knight Marshal (Deputy Supervisor of Combat Activities) 

Lord Michel Biornson  (he/him)(E)

Exchequer (Treasurer) 

Lady VetraTrys Kaukoles (she/her)

Deputy Exchequer (Deputy Treasurer) 

Lord Oswyn Northwode (he/him)(E)

Chronicler (Newsletter Editor) 

Lady Osanna Schade (she/her)

Deputy Chronicler (Deputy Newsletter Editor) 

Lady Sláine báen Ronan (she/her)

Minister of Arts and Sciences 

Rosalie Jane Blackmoore (she/her)

Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences 

Lady Osanna Schade (she/her)(E)

Chatelaine (Welcomes People) 

Baron Titus Aurelius Magnus (he/him)

Deputy Chatelaine (Welcomes People) 

Rosalie Jane Blackmoore (she/her)(E)

Minister of Lists 

Ronan FitzRobert (he/him)

Deputy Minister of Lists 

Baroness Nadia Hart (E) (she/her)

Seneschal of the Canton of Hawks Reach 

Lady Caterina Lombardi (she/her)

Deputy Seneschal of the Canton of Hawks Reach 

Lord Oswyn Northwode (he/him)(E)

Lesser Officers

Captain of Archers 

Baron Don Jean Xavier Boullier (he/him)

Captain of Fence 

Don Eanraig the Bonesetter

Captain of Thrown Weapons 

Wulfsige i Jorvik (he/him)

Chamberlain (Keeps Track of Stuff) 

Baron Don Jean Xavier Boullier (he/him)

Deputy Chamberlain 

Alverik Wyntervelt (he/him)(E)


Baroness Suzanne Neuber de Londres

Social Media Officer

Lady Vigdis Eldr (She/Her)

Deputy Social Media Officer

Alverik Wyntervelt


Saravit of House Three Skulls (he/him)

Deputy Webminister

Wulfsige i Jorvik (he/him)(E)

*(E) Denotes “Emergency Deputy”