Baronial Officers

Baronial Officers

Prefect (Baron) 

Prefect Titus Aurelius Magnus


Baroness Sorcha of Stonegrave

Seneschal (President) 

Lord Fearghus mac Cailin

Deputy Seneschals

Lady Ealusaid ingehean Ui Mac PhaidinLady Lily Morgaine of The East

Herald (Pursuivant) 

Lady Sláine báen Ronán FitzRobert

Deputy Herald

Lady Violet Hughes

Knight Marshal (Supervisor of Combat Activities) 

Lord Torfi Jarnhnefi

Deputy Knight Marshal (Deputy Supervisor of Combat Activities) 

Lord Antonio Giancarlo Nicastri

Exchequer (Treasurer) 

Lord Oswyn Northwode

Deputy Exchequer (Deputy Treasurer) 

Baroness Sorcha Of Stonegrave

Chronicler (Newsletter Editor) 

Lady Lily Morgaine of The East

Deputy Chronicler (Newsletter Editor) 

Caterina Lombardi

Minister of Arts and Sciences 

Maestro Vettorio Antonello

Chatelaine (Welcomes People) 

Lady Oda Lally

Deputy Chatelaine (Welcomes People) 

Lady Hermina de Pagan

Minister of Lists 

Juliana the Vulgar

Seneschal of the Canton of Hawks Reach 

Lady Fiona the Volatile

Baronial Appointments

Captain of Archers 


Captain of Fence 

Don Eanraig the Bonesetter

Captain of Thrown Weapons 

Wulfsige i Jorvik

Chamberlain (Keeps Track of Stuff) 

Baron Don Jean Xavier Boullier


Baroness Suzanne Neuber de Londres


Lord Saravit of House Three Skulls

Deputy Webminister 

Lady Monkey Makgee