Arrows, Axes, and Ales 2023: I Drink and I Throw Things

Do you enjoy ARCHERY, loosing the nock from the bow string and watching the arrow cut through the air, twack, and pierce the target? How about letting your AXES fly, end over end until the satisfying thunk of wood as the blade bites into the bullseye? Maybe savoring a fine beverage is more your speed, the smooth honey sweetness of MEAD really hits the spot?

If you’re thinking to yourself, yeah, that’s what I do, I drink and I throw things, you should join the Barony of an Dubhaigeainn for their annual end of summer rump, Arrows, Axes, and Ales.

Arrows, Axes, and Ales is the Barony of an Dubhaigeainn’s annual end of summer celebration that features the Baronial Championships for Archery, Thrown Weapons, Youth Thrown Weapons, and Brewing.  More details about each of these competitions will be posted as they become available.

Although there will not be a feast at this event, there will be a sumptuous day board prepared by Lady Anastacia Bathory. Please see our Menu further below

Site Opens: 10am
Site Closes: 5pm

Full Schedule of Events:

10:00am site opens

10:30 morning court

11:00 archery and thrown weapons ranges open.

Dayboard is served

12:00 archery tournament

1:15 thrown weapons tournament

2:30 youth thrown weapons

3:15 brewing championships

4:00 PM court

5:00 site closes

Archery Champion Details

Are you tired of losing socks? Are empty milk containers put back in the ice box, where full ones should be? Are you plagued with motion sickness, without going anywhere? Did the toilet paper run out, for no reason? Have your flowers all dried up? Do you find your armor and weapons inexplicably rusted? Keys to your home missing for days on end? We Ducks have been held hostage by the great White fish of Calamity, CHRISTALMO for far too long. It is time to lift the curse of this aquatic demon from our shoulders, but first, we need something to ward the curse off…there is a fabled talisman, made of amber
and wampum by disciples of the Skraeling, which may prove useful to keep Christalmo at bay. The Hunt for Christalmo is upon us, but are you ready to take up the quest?

Unto the populace of An Dubhaigeainn and beyond a challenge will be put forth to all archers who wish to avert further bad luck for us all. For this year’s Baronial Archery Championship, a series of challenging shoots will be presented in a fashion of a maritime quest. Any may compete, and there will be a prize for overall best archer, and from the pool of candidates, the new Baronial Archery Champ shall be chosen by
the Coronet. And, if the secret treasure box is found quickly, loot may be had by many.


As to the quest, archers must first procure a crew from the Bloody Kneecap Inn – a Quartermaster is a must, and a ship must have a minimum of 6 crew, max of 8. Next, you must “liberate” a ship from its moorings, without harming your crew (if you should lose crew members, go back to get more). Then, you must navigate the treacherous shoals and sandbars by plotting a course from our shores to the wide open Ocean. Should Christalmo rear its great white head, take your best shot to gain any advantage possible!
Next, you will have to choose wisely which small island may be the hidden home of the fabled treasure, and lastly, after finding the treasure chest, you mush either destroy the lock or get one of your reluctant crew to pick the trapped chest. Scoring will be based on total number arrows used to complete the quest, and if a tie happens, a tie breaker will be decided at the day of the event. There will be in play a “mercy”
rule, should a single shoot be too difficult and a bonus of -3 arrows should you hit anything resembling a great white fish. The overall winner is the archer who uses the fewest arrows, and the Coronet will choose from the Baronial members using the fewest shots to be their next Archery Champion.

Brewing Champion Details

Brewing championship – Theme and Rules: “A bitter brew” the current brewers champion with Their Excellencies input has decided that the brewing championship will be a test of vegetal virtues. You will be asked to provide two examples of your brewing prowess, one made in accordance with traditional methods and ingredients as well as a personal “freestyle” brew made as you wish. The common theme between them is that they must use herbal ingredients to one degree or another. This includes your gruits, metheglins and plague waters and whatever other traditional brew you might concoct. Slainte!

Thrown Weapons Champion Details

It is a time of political intrigue and secret assassins. The major political players have their preferred agents, and will put them to use to remove their opponent’s network of spies for advantage. Each thrower will be an agent of a major political player, and will take aim at the targets which give their patron the greatest advantage to rise to power. Throwers will have specific targets worth points that they must score to advance their patron’s plans. The best throwers will advance to a final duel to determine which patron succeeds in taking the throne and establishing their seat of power!

Youth Thrown Weapons Champion Details

This year’s Youth Thrown Weapons Championship will feature targets created by outgoing champion Violet the Violent

Event Location

Estonia House – Middle Island, NY
20 Middle Island Blvd
Middle Island, NY  11953
Google Map


Address:  Estonia House, 20 Middle Island Blvd, Middle Island, NY 11953
Via Long Island Expressway (LIE):  Take exit 63 ramp right for CR-83 toward Mt.  Sinai/Patchogue
Turn left onto N Ocean Ave / CR-83
Travel 6.8 miles and turn right onto Canal Rd
Travel 1.9 miles and turn left onto Whiskey Rd
Travel .4 miles and turn right onto Middle Island Blvd
Estonia House Property is .25 miles ahead on the right side of the road

Registration Fees

Adults:  $25
Adult Members:  $20 (Proof of Membership will be requested at Gate)
Minors (5-17):  $5
Baby in Arms (<4):  $0

Register via Paypal here:
EXTENDED! PayPal registration NOW closes on August 22nd

Note:  A PayPal invoice will be generated within 24 hours of the online preregistration information being submitted.  Online preregistration is not complete until the PayPal invoice has been paid.

No feast will be provided for this event – Dayboard will be available around noon

Dayboard Menu:

Assorted cubed meats and cheeses

Veggie platter with Hummus

Hard Boiled Eggs


Rolls with Honey Butter and Herb Butter

Savory Meatballs

Conch Stew

Blueberries with a Sweet Cream

Peaches with Honey

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY Inc.  Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Contact Information

Event Steward:

Hugoline the Delicate – Colleen Skadl – 631.774.9580 –
Lady Andrea Noelle Bathory – Andrea Sobocinski – 631.707.2088 –

Please contact either of us should you have questions about accessibility accommodations. 

Send Reservations to:

If Registering via Check, send to:
Brad Hausman, Oswyn Northwode, 18 Solow Lane, East Northport, NY 11731