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Spring Schola 2021: Bardic Competition

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

My lords my ladies…and you. 😉

What a long strange year it’s been, many faces here I haven’t seen since the start of the plague. It is at last springtime; a time of renewal, a time of waking, a time of new beginnings, and it is from spring that I have drawn inspiration for this year’s Bardic Championship. It came to me in a sudden flash of inspiration when reading the tales of the Norsemen as if Thor himself tapped my head with his Hammer. The image of Bragi God of music and poetry and his beloved wife Idunn goddess of springtime; what could possibly be a better portrayal of this year’s theme?


This past year has been a trial for us all; and love is something we can all use. It stabilizes us, comforts us, reassures us, and I want to hear about your loves. Sing me a song or recite poetic verse about your love; whether this for your partner, your family, or anything in your life so long as it is true.

Votes will be cast to help the Coronet decide the victor.

I can’t wait to hear what you have, let’s make this celebration of love one to remember!


Entrants are asked to notify the Event Steward (Lily Morgaine) that they will be participating by March 15th. Recordings of your entry may be submitted to prevent any issues with internet lag. The recordings will be played during the competition. Live performances are welcome as well.