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Spring Schola 2021: Curia

Baronial Curia: 4:00PM

This curia will be to review and approve our new baronial policy, which was rewritten to both bring us in line with Kingdom and Society laws, and to address needed changes to how our barony operates.

Below is the proposed policy, and the outline of changes . We will be following this outline during curia. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with the proposed changes, please email them to so they can be noted and addressed at curia. If you’re just seeking a clarification, then I may just respond to you with said clarification. If you have an objection or issue with sections of the policy, they will only be addressed during curia and not via email.

Please be reminded that this will be a virtual event. I look forward to seeing you at Schola!

Fearghus Mac Cailin
Seneschal of An Dubhaigeainn