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AAA – There and Back Again: Archery Championship Tournament

Laird Eanraig the Bonesetter, current Baronial Archery Champion, has set forth this challenge for the selection of the next Baronial Archery Champion.

An Dubhaigeainn Archery Champions Contest
To decide the next Archery Champion for An Dubhaigeainn, a challenging set of targets and scenarios are planned, with Populace shooting alongside the Champion contenders.  Prizes will be awarded to the Populace for most points garnered and highest score in the Bottle Blast, and the Champion will be chosen by the Coronet based on courtesy, comportment, and overall high score and  will receive a special prize.  There may be a hold called on  the line to reset certain targets during the shoot, please heed the Marshals.

Corral the Ducks  (20 yards, 4 arrows max.)
The target will be small effigies of our blessed Duck of An Dub.  Archers can shoot 3 or 4 arrows at the target with the intent to make a triangle encompassing part of one of the ducks on the target.  Smaller triangles will score higher (max 20pts).  Should an arrow touch any part of a duck, archers score ZERO points.  Archers must declare (without measuring) which 3 arrows they wish to score, and any nonscoring arrows will be removed prior to measuring.  This will be shot twice for Archery Champs.

Short Bar Shoot  (about 20 yards, 6 arrows)
The target will be 4 small “bottles” perched on a section of Clan MacEanraig’s short bar.  Scoring arrows are those that pierce a bottle and knock it off the bar. Be aware that an arrow that hits the bar will likely knock all the bottles off the bar, and ends the scoring round.  Unlucky arrows can hit a bottle, spin, and knock off other bottles, so aim carefully.  Bottles that hit the ground are ineligible targets, and arrows that hit a neighboring bar will disqualify any points in the shoot for the offender.

Defend the Nest  (about 25 yards, 6 arrows)
The target is a duck sitting on a nest, being threatened by 3 raccoons.  Archers are to hit the raccoons (break the outer line of the raccoon counts) without hitting the sitting duck, or the nest or the eggs (3 pts per arrow).  A significant penalty will occur if: 1. archers hit the duck (-2pts) 2. archers hit the eggs (-5 pts) 3. archers hit the nest (-3 pts) and 4. archers miss the target entirely (-3 pts).  To add more of a challenge, this is a timed shoot – one minute. This will be shot twice for Archery Champs.

Who killed the Music?  (30 yards, 6 arrows)
Ducks are well known to be lousy dancers, horrible singers, and completely incompetent at playing guitar. Archers’ mission in this shoot is to wreck the guitar without hitting the Duck of An Dub (it is a real guitar, for added realism). Each archer is allowed to have a spotter to verify bounce outs on the guitar or glancing blows.  Points are scored highest for the sound hole on the guitar (8 pts), then the body of the guitar (4 pts), lastly the fretboard (2 pts).  A penalty will apply for hitting the Duck, ties go to the target (-3 pts)

Clan MacEanraig Bottle Blast (variable range, 6 arrows)
There are too many bottles in the local clan’s collection, and archers have to thin the lot.  Bottles will be set up at various distances and color coded.  First arrows piercing bottles count towards scoring.  Ground bouncing arrows that hit targets will count, if they pierce a target. Bottles score as follows: yellow 5pts, red 4pts, blue 3pts, green 2pts,  and white duck bottles -2pts.  This is a sport shoot, not for Archery Championship, all can partake and once all targets are hit, shooting ends for the round.  There are 2 Populace awards for this shoot, most points and most targets hit. Archers taking part in the Championship are encouraged to allow other archers to shoot first as they are not eligible for the populace prizes.