Spring Schola 2021

Virtual Spring Schola: Persephone’s Return

March 20th, 10:00am-6:00pm

The world rises from its winter slumber as Persephone strides forth from the underworld, flowers trailing behind her, spring returning to the air! Come celebrate nature’s awakening and her highly anticipated return with us at Schola!

We will be holding classes on various topics. Some topics include Heraldry for Beginners, Planning and Executing an SCA Feast, Pennsic 101, A Portrait of Persephone, Intro to Mead Making, Salve Making, and Exploring Martin Luther.

Come participate or support those competing in our Bardic Competition to choose our Barony’s new Champion. The theme for the competition is Love.

We will also be choosing our next A&S Champion. The theme for the competition is: Things That Bring Joy.

If you would like to compete in either championship please contact the autocrat for details. The entry deadline will be March 15th.

Baronial Curia will be held as well.

Contact Information
Event Steward:
Lady Lily Morgaine of The East
Lily Morgaine: Face Book Messenger
(631) 804-7438, text only please

Deputy Steward:
Lady Medbh ingean Donnchadha 


1:00 PMIntermission
1:30PMA&S Competiton
2:30PMBardic Competition