Return to Arrows, Axes, and Ales: There and Back Again *Rescheduled*

AAA: There and Back Again – Dayboard

As you may have noticed, our theme for this year’s AAA is “There and Back Again”.

So it only makes sense to have dayboard rolling out all day long!

First breakfast (10am), we’ll have a breakfast of oatmeal and porridge, with berries and honey.

Second breakfast (11am), we’ll have boiled eggs, hard cheese, and smoked fish.

Elevensies (12:30pm) will be plain rolls, rye rolls, cheese, turkey, more honey butter, and ham!

Lunch (3pm) will be lentil soup and beef stew.

And then tea! Afternoon tea will be served right before Court, around 4:30pm in the afternoon. We’ll have a selection of pastries, an array of tea (along with DIY tea bags) and a lot of hot water. Bring a heatproof mug and enjoy our array of tea, or bring your own!

Hungry yet??

*menu subject to change based on availability