Return to Arrows, Axes, and Ales: There and Back Again *Rescheduled*

AAA – There and Back Again Thrown Weapons Championship

It’s a rescue mission! Lord Fearghus MacCailin, current Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion, has set forth the following challenge to select the next Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion.

Round 1 will have targets with images of monsters for the thrower to slay on their way to rescue their compatriots. One hit from each weapon will slay each monster, and monsters can only be killed once by each thrower. Each thrower will “travel” through the land slaying monsters with knife, ax, and spear. The top throwers from this round will proceed to the finals.

Round 2 will have the thrower leading their rescued companions out of the dark lands and back home. On the way, they will have to combat more monsters which are threatening to harm their companions. Targets will now have both monsters AND companions. Monster hits count as positive points, and companion hits count as negative points. Each monster can now take two hits before dying, and companions take three. If a monster is killed, further hits don’t count. Each thrower will have 2 attempts per station, and monster/companion wounds are maintained from one attempt to another. The targets are also gone through in reverse order (spear, ax, knife). Most points wins, tie goes to the thrower who has slain the most monsters from both rounds.