We would like to welcome any persons who are interested in joining our group or learning more about it.  The Barony has what we call a Chatelaine, who helps people with joining or learning more about us.  Please feel free to contact our Baronial Chatelaine.

Here are some links that you might like to pursue before or after contacting the Chatelaine. A good place to start looking for garb is Cynthia Virtue’s “Introduction to Garb: A Seminar”.  Garb is what we call the medieval costumes that we put on at “events” or our gatherings.  The page above gives you an idea how to put together your own, but any of the Chatelaines above should be able to get you hooked up with some “loaner garb” if you want to go to an event before you attempt to make anything.

Please check out the SCA’s Newcomers Portal. If you are interested in how the SCA started, this intro page should give you some history. It can be found off of the main SCA web site.