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Spring Schola 2021: Classes

Salve MakingBaroness Sorcha of Stonegrave10:00 AM
Heraldry for BeginnersLady Violet Hughes10:00 AM
Warrior Women CANCELLEDLady Hermina de Pagan10:00 AM
Pennsic 101Lady Jenna Childslayer11:00 AM
Intro to Mead MakingLady Fiona the Volatile11:00 AM
Planning and Executing an SCA FeastLady Vetra Trys Kaukoles11:00 AM
A Portrait of PersephoneCourtney Pepino12:00 PM
Nailed it: Exploring Martin LutherLady Hugoline the Delicate12:00 PM

A Portrait of Persephone

12:00PMTaught by Dikastiría (Courtney Pepino) A Portrait of Persephone is a class that dives into the cult practices and history of the Greek goddess Persephone. Join Dikastiría through this immersive experience as we get more in tune with Persephone and her influence on ancient and modern Paganism.   She will also be sharing a recipe …

Heraldry for Beginners

10:00AMTaught by Lady Violet Hughes What is heraldry and what do I need to know to make my own? That is what will be covered in this class. Heraldry for Beginners: How to be a Baronial Herald: How to Make a Wiki Entry:

Intro to Mead Making

11:00AMTaught by Lady Fiona the Volatile Have you always wanted to make your own mead, but aren’t sure how to get started?  This class is for you. In this class we will discuss basic brewing vocabulary, the equipment you will need to get started, and the brewing process.  I will share a few easy beginner …

Nailed It: Exploring Martin Luther

12:00PMTaught by Lady Hugoline the The story begins with a scared young man, trapped in a dangerous storm and a vow to Saint Anne  The story ends with the fracturing of Christian unity in Europe for the rest of time.  But what happens in between?  This is the story. Presentation:

Pennsic 101

11:00AMTaught by Lady Jenna Childslayer Pennsic is a most wonderful SCA event and attending this class will help you to both prepare and have the best time possible… We will discuss how to prepare for Pennsic, what you will need to do and bring. We will answer questions you may have on how to manage …

Planning and Executing an SCA Feast

11:00AMTaught by Lady Vetra Trys Stories from the trenches of an SCA Kitchen – Planning and Executing an SCA Feast In this class, I will use my experience planning and executing the Feast for St. Andrews Travels North: First Stop Siena (held in November 2018). I’ll share what worked for me in planning the …

Salve Making

10:00AMTaught by Baroness Sorcha of Stonegrave Basics of making herbal oils and salves.  Handouts and materials list available ahead of time so you can try at home.