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Calendar Conversion

The An Dubhaigheainn web site has been converted to use Google Calendar!

Potted Arms on June 13th

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Spring Schola: Persephone’s Return: A Day of Arts and Armor

Viaduct 2020-02 Is Now Available

An Dubhaigeainn Google Calendar

I am currently working on switching us over to using a Google Calendar for the An Dubhaigeainn web site. This is still a work in progress. The calendar can be accessed here.

Viaduct 2020-01 Now Available

Archery/ Thrown Weapons/ A&S/Need SCA Family Socialization November 30th

Thrown Weapons Practice at Magnus’ House

Magnus is opening up his home in Holtsville to hold thrown weapons practices! Every Tuesday and Friday starting at 6PM but flexible. Before attending, contact Magnus ( to make sure it is happening.  He will give you the full address when you do.

William FLoyd High School Renaissance Faire Demo Announced

Viaduct 2019-10 Now Available