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Viaduct 2019-10 Now Available

Viaduct 2019-09 Now Available

St. Andrews Crosses the Alps

Climb Every Mountain: St. Andrew Crosses the Alps Missing the mist covered mountains of home, St. Andrew is making his long journey home for a visit. When we last saw our great patron, he was visting the Paleo races of Sienna. Now the hills are alive with the songs of St. Andrew sung by shephards and …

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Viaduct 2019-07-08 Now Available

Viaduct 2019-06 Now Available

Viaduct 2019-05 Now Available

Viaduct 2019-04 Now Available

Viaduct 2019-03 Now Available

Viaduct 2018-12 Now Available

The monthly Baronial Newsletter is now available.

From the outgoing Baronial Seneschal

Greetings unto the Populace, The past two years of my term as Seneschal for the Barony has moved quickly by. I am grateful for all the support the Baronial and Canton officers and populace have provided for Their Excellencies of An Dubhaigeainn, Prefect Titus and Baroness Sorcha. I look forward to this support continuing, because …

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