From the outgoing Baronial Seneschal

Greetings unto the Populace,
The past two years of my term as Seneschal for the Barony has moved quickly by. I am grateful for all the support the Baronial and Canton officers and populace have provided for Their Excellencies of An Dubhaigeainn, Prefect Titus and Baroness Sorcha. I look forward to this support continuing, because the wellbeing of the Barony and its Canton rests upon all of our shoulders.
I can not thank my two deputy seneschals, Lady Ealusaid inghean ui mac Phaidin and Lady Vetra Trys Kaukoles, for all their hard work in helping with the operations of the Barony. Lady Vetra Trys Kaukoles has volunteered to take up the position of Baronial Seneschal and start her term as of the January 3rd meeting. I wish her the best and know that I am handing the position over to a very capable person.
Once again, I thank you all.

Le vôtre en défense
Jean Xavier Boullier

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