St. Andrews Crosses the Alps

Climb Every Mountain:

St. Andrew Crosses the Alps

Missing the mist covered mountains of home, St. Andrew is making his long journey home for a visit. When we last saw our great patron, he was visting the Paleo races of Sienna. Now the hills are alive with the songs of St. Andrew sung by shephards and farmers of the Alps as they prepare for the coming winter. Don your best frocks and hosen and come on down to Das Estonian Haus to celebrate the next leg of St. Andrew’s journey.

Join us for a day of fighting as we choose our next Baronial Heavy List Champion. Details forthcoming.

In addition to our Armored Championship there will be a bardic competition, a photo booth, and youth activities.

Enjoy a sumptuous dayboard and delicious feast highlighting favorites from all over the alps including brats, sourbraten, hasenpfeffer, and spaetzel. Menu details forthcoming.

Site Opens: 9:00am

Site Closes: 10:00pm

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