Ducks Don’t Hibernate 2!

We’re hosting our second INDOOR fight practice on Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 7pm. Contact Sir Brick, Baronial Knight Marshal, at for more information, including address.

Heavy Fight/Fencer Practice and A&S Space – now with Thrown Weapons booth!

$10 cover charge for all – includes event space with DJ music and lighting effects, entry to Cafe Goth (a $10 value itself), access to refreshment stand (nonadult and adult beverages available – they take cash and card)

Thrown Weapons – $10 per hour in addition to cover – we are going to coordinate availability from 7:30-8:30 (please message Lady Andrea Noelle Bathory ( if you would want to throw the entire 2 hours). Additionally, those interested in just having one throw of the sites axes, it is $5 per round

Practice starts at 7pm but you may show up a few minutes early to get into gear

Info on Cafe Goth:
2/15 theme – Cemetery Party

Restrooms on site

Please share with fellow scadians and fighters!

Get some winter practice in!
Bring a project you are working on or some research you want to chat about!
Or just watch our fighters, relax with a beverage, and catch up with some fellow medievalists

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