Unofficial Court Report for An Dubhaigeainn/Ostgardr challenge

Court opened in the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn on the 12th Day of May, A.S. LIII


The Il Khanate Lada and Sudur were invited to sit beside their Excellencies, Prefect Titus Aurelius Magnus and Baroness Sorcha of Stonegrave.


Their Excellencies demanded to see before them Lady Michele the Ubiquitous, who presented them with a documentation booklet of origami, including a duck and a seahorse attached to the front. She also resigned as Seneschal of Hawkes Reach and was awarded a Silver Feather for her hard work in the office. Their Excellencies requested a volunteer to take over the office and Lady Fiona the Volatile volunteered as tribute. She swore fealty and accepted the symbols of her office. Prefect Titus wished “May the odds be ever if your favor”, and she responded with “Never tell me the odds.”

Lord Saravit of House Three Skulls was called up as he was resigning as canton exchequer. For his work in that office and for his continuing work as web minister he was awarded a silver feather as well. Lord Oswyn Northwode was welcomed into court as the new canton exchequer and also swore fealty.


Their Excellencies invited Merdeth Storm into court. She wished to present a gift of a heraldic banner to Lord Eanraig the Bonesetter, as a thank you for all he has taught and done for her.


The Il Khanate were invited to speak, Il Khan thanked their excellencies for putting on such an activities-packed event, and wished to present gifts. The first would be a duck decoy for Baroness Sorcha in her colors, written on the bottom “If ever there is an uprising, or an absence, place on throne so there is a Duck decoy”. For Prefect Titus, as he is known to protect his lands during the day, was gifted a truncheon made by the finest Party City.


Lady Jenna Childslayer was called into court, she wanted to present gifts of kumihimo cords to both their Excellencies and the Il Khanate done in the each branch’s colors. Lady Hermina de Pagan was also requested in court and they talked about the bardic competition. The populace choice was determined to be a dead tie. Jenna presented token of thanks of copper rings to Ben and Astrid, as they were strong-armed into entering at the last minute.

Caitlin was called into court as Their Excellencies were impressed with her entry and wished to present a token to her.

Lady Hugoline the Delicate was also called into court. First she presented a boffer mallet that the Il Khanate had commissioned, and then it was noted that she also had an entry into the bardic competition that their Excellencies very much enjoyed.


Their Excellencies requested the presence of Lady Medb who ran the A&S competition. She declared Lord Ibrahim al Rashid the winner for his naalbinding entry. Baroness Sorcha declared Medb herself as the honorable mention.


Lady Genvieve was called into court to talk about the archery competition. The champions shoot ended in a tie, so after a reshoot, the winner was announced as Angel for An Dubhaigeainn. The populace shoot winner was Lord Enaraig the Bonesetter.


Their Excellencies invited Lady Fiona the Volatile and Lady Hugoline the Delicate into court to explain the youth activities. The children had made an aqueduct to run marbles through. As Ostgardr did not have any children participate in this competition, it was clearly An Dubhaigeainn’s Lady Keira, Lady Dahlia, and a bit of help from Severus that were the winners.


Their Excellencies called Tommaso Parlapiano into court to talk about the rapier competition. He explained the rules the champions followed and declared Brendan Firebow the winner. There was also a populace melee, but that was more about strengthening the camaraderie of the two groups.


Their Excellencies demanded the presence of Ozurr the Bootgiver. He said that as champion of both An Dubhaigeainn and Ostgardr, as much as everybody wanted him to fight himself, he decided he would take on all offers of fights, and then do a 2-on-2 An Dub vs Ostgardr. The victor of that was declared An Dubhaigeainn in 3 passes.


Lord Magnus de Londres was called into court for running the thrown weapons. Once again, the competition was declared a tie. But after more throwing, An Dubhageainn was determined to be the winner.


Their Excellencies called Lady Fiona back into court as winner of the brewing competition with her sack mead.


Lord Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin was invited into court to talk about the youth combat competition. He was happy to see some new fighters as well as seasoned fighters during the day, and he announced the winner as Alexander for Ostgardr.


Lady Jenna pointed out the champion winner of Bardic was not announced. Their Excellencies apologized for this oversight and announced her as the winner.


Things were getting crazy here. It was an extremely busy day and there was a lot of the court docket, and Their Excellencies suddenly realized they had not announced the winner of the edible scroll competition. Prefect Titus expressed his appreciation to all entrants. Baroness Sorcha announced the winner as Mistress Suzanne de Londres who had entered a period recipe of a ginger cake in the shape of a Queen’s Order of Courtesy glove. The populace choice was Il Khatun Lada’s cake of the Swedish Princess Cake for the Silver Egg award.


Their Excellencies said that even though today was all about competition, they were happily surprised at the number of activities that would up being a tie. Throwing, archery, bardic, heavy list. And in every other competition there was no right away clear stand out winner. However, since there can be only one, the winner was announced as An Dubhaigeainn. And Lord Ozurr hurried over to to stand with the Ducks.


Baroness Sorcha said that as winners An Dub won the right to have Ozurr march with us during opening ceremonies at Pennsic. Prefect Titus, already putting his gift truncheon to use said that he’s heard of reports of Lord Ozurr combining wholly unsuited drinks to make a drink he calls “Brass Monkey”. After discussing this disturbing report with Baroness Sorcha, the Il Kahnate and Ozurr’s Knight, they have decided that this sin against man, God, and nature deserves a quest. The quest is not only to bartend the Runnymead Dinner at Pennsic, but to also to come up with three good drinks. Emphasis on “good”. They must represent An Dubhaigeainn, Ostgardr, and the hosting barony of Bhakhail.


The newcomers were invited into court to receive lavender sachets, the scent of which makes people feel safe and welcome.


Their Excellencies and Il Khanate closed out court by thanking everybody for coming out and participating, for their honor and valor and energy. They all were impressed with the effort everybody put in to make the event run, and hoped all had a great day.


Reported by Lady Violet Hughes

Assisted in court by Lady Slaine baen Ronain meic Robeird

Silent herald: Lady Oda Lally

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