Letters of Intent for Baronial Herald

Greetings unto the Baronial populace,

The Coronets and seneschal are taking letters of intent for the Baronial herald up until the meeting this Thursday, June 7th.  The position will need a responsible individual that can attend the monthly Baronial meetings on a regular basis, be available to announce court business during baronial events, submit court reports and quarterly reports in a timely fashion, and help guide those members of the Society that are seeking to register persona names and devices.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please feel free to contact our current herald, Lady Violet Hues, at herald@andub.eastkingdom.org

Letters of intent can be sent to coronet@andub.eastkingdom.org and seneschal@andub.eastkingdom.org

Yours in service,

Master Jean Xavier Boullier

Seneschal, An Dubhaigeainn

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